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Community Conversations on Safety
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Community Conversations on Safety

“Close your eyes and go back to a time when you felt completely safe.” Thus began the conversation regarding safety in Akron communities. Held at The WOMB community center located on East Market the conversation included a group of eclectic people all with one goal in mind; feeling safe in the same communities many were … Continue reading


BuzzFeed’s 27 Questions Black People Have for Black People 04/18 by The BACKBONE The RIB The WOMB | Politics Podcasts

A few days ago Buzzfeed released a video 27 Questions Black People Have For Black People and social media imploded. Should the Black community be upset? Were these questions stereo typical or are these things that should be asked amongst members of the Black Community? Heather Renee (Twitter @SheWrites80) and Octavia Simone (Twitter @CheweyPNewton) … Continue reading