Write. Just Write.

Write. Just Write. Write as much as you can as often as you can. It doesn’t matter if you’ve written anything lately, just start now.

If you have the desire to write and you can give yourself the permission to have this passion in your life then you are a writer.

The best thing about “The 30 Day Plan” is that 30 days is as long as your brain needs to make a task into a habit. – Bryan Cohen 1,000 Creative Writing Prompts: Ideas for Blogs, Scripts, Stories and More

I decided I was going to write probably around the same time I learned to read. In my young mind it made sense. I loved to read why not express myself. This goal has proven easier said than done. I wrote a short story here and there and enthusiastically took on any writing assignment I got in school. I was front and center for any Creative Writing workshop, signed up for the school newspaper in middle school, joined Debate in high school and wrote my own speeches, and kept a journal for years. When asked about my hobbies I list reading and writing at the top of the list every time. I thought I was on the path to being a successful writer, however life got in the way.  Before I knew it I became I working adult, not a starving artist. Well I was starving but not to meet my goal of becoming the next bestseller.  When it was time to start college, two babies would not allow me to pursue writing as a career so I took up paralegal studies, then criminal justice and now business management.

I still write short stories from time to time. I have journals full of thoughts. Some I can use as writing prompts others I would rather keep to myself.  I have essays that I have written for different classes.  I  have  random notes and doodles that have become on some days and instances a bad habit and on other days a great habit as I am often able to write a complete work from my notes.  I also have several platforms in which to write from, due to my own experiences in life. I have the tools, so   I decided that my desire to write has got to outweigh my procrastination and laziness. I think I am a fairly decent writer and I need to get back to it.

Months ago I opened a WordPress account. Here was my canvas. And that was it.  I never blogged a thing. I remember being so amped about it too. I sat in the book store for a couple of hours studying all the blogging guides, getting ideas and telling myself it was going to happen this time.  So here I am almost a year later. Until the day before yesterday I hadn’t published a thing. But  I’m patting myself on the back. As of today I have published one blog and this will be my second.  I have committed to Steven Pavlina method. I will write at least six hundred words a day for thirty days. I do believe that after 30 days of this being a part of my routine I will write more frequently. I will not be intimidated by my stats or other people’s opinions. I will post my blogs on Facebook for feedback.  I will be brutally honest because I realize now that may have been the one thing that holds me back.  I know that it is. From here on out I will edit to the best of my ability so it at least looks like   went to college, but as far as content? I will write about whatever is on my mind.  Today I will publish two blogs because in all the hours of procrastination I did take notes, develop ideas, and then dismiss them thinking that they were not good enough.

In my attempt to find a “safe” topic I stumbled upon the above quoted book. I think it has been some of the best advice regarding writing I have read. I think I finally have it. The only way this exercise will benefit me and not be a chore, is if I write about what matters to me. So here goes.


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