Dear Bishop…..


Dear Bishop Larry Trotter,

It is maddening that your title is Bishop. You will be yet another religious leader attempting  to convince the world, that your actions were misinterpreted and that you are innocent of any wrong doing. Those closest to you will eat up every word you say and defend you with every ounce of loyalty they have. 

The attached picture is sick. Sicker still when I found out your title. Perverted Grandpa Larry, with no title, would by no means have had a pass, but Bishop ….  How many more children must fall victim to molestation, masked and covered up by the position men of the cloth hold, “with the Lord” and in the community?  

As a victim of sexual abuse, I was literally sick to my stomach. The sick feeling I got when I knew it was time for more abuse. The feeling I got, when my abuser was alone too long with one of my sisters. Every red flag I have ever been warned about as a mother, as a victim waved frantically at me. I almost wished I knew you, so I could run to the authorities and demand they investigate and ultimately save that child. Salvage her what is left of her innocence. 

I refuse to use the word alleged. I have no qualms about accusing you. If you have not already been inappropriate and abusive with that child, your actions are molding her into believing what comes later is “natural” and “all right”. When Granddad finally crosses the line, you will have taught her well. 

I posted this picture to my Facebook page and on my Twitter account and prayed that I would not be reported for child pornography. I needed to get some feedback, maybe I am over reacting. The problem for you is no one is really defending you outside of the religious community. 

I did not read comments from other people outside of my circle of friends on Facebook until after I wrote this. The ironic thing is, that some of the same comments and stories are on other sites. People outside of the religious community all are under the impression that you are a: monster, a predator, an abuser, a molester, the devil and the list goes on.

There is a theory that, you had shorts on. I want to believe it, I really do. I want to believe that there is nothing inappropriate going on in your family, that this is merely something being blown out of proportion. I want to believe that you two are in a hot tub. I want to believe that the picture is a result of some church dirty laundry, that it is something photo shopped. I stared at the picture for thirty minutes, and all I could see is a little girl in need of help 

 There are some defending you, that I know personally.  I will remain objective to THEM. I respect them and hold their opinion in high regard. Bishop, I still believe you are everything that picture says you are. If I am wrong may GOD have mercy on me, and I will humbly ask for forgiveness. 


Heather R. Andrews


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