I love the Obama’s


Four years ago I was proud to see America’s progress, today I’m prouder still. Our first family is the dream many African Americans have.  I could make this a serious piece and say how proud I am to see the power of voting. I can quote statistics about voter turnout, but that is not who I am. I am here just to gush about how much I love the Obamas

The Obamas are heroes to me.  The inauguration and any event is almost too much for me to watch. I am star struck and I hang on the every minute of every word they have to say.  They are a black family continuing to make history. I have not felt this way since the Clair and Cliff Huxtable showed America what a positive successful black couple can look like. These are the eight years we can all truly take pride in.

Michelle Obama is a black woman making being fabulous look effortless. She is successful in her own right, but watch Mrs. Obama assist in running our country, be a devoted wife, AND raise useful members of society. Watch her be fierce, while wearing her many hats. Tell me this is not an image of a positive black woman.  Tell me we do not all want to be her when we grow up.  Sasha and Malia have charmed us, growing up right before our eyes. From what we have witnessed, they are well behaved, well mannered, poised young ladies.


President Barak Obama. This man has blown me away. I am sure he is just like any other politician, when it comes to politics. There will always be things that we like or dislike. There will always be hatred. For some it is his political party for others it may be the color of his skin.  There is no denying that the President is truly a good PERSON.  He genuinely likes people, and cares about America. Could that be any more evident than his tears for the tragedy at Sandy Hook?

I can say for the first time in my life, I care about politics. I am even inclined to believe that for the first time in my life my concerns are being addressed.  Reviving the economy? Check.  Providing affordable, accessible health care to all? Check. Strengthening our public education and social security systems? Check. What President has taken a stand for women in American history the way he has? Let’s not forget his monumental opinion on gay marriage. For once it would appear that, the policies being debated are not just for a certain set of people in a certain financial status.

Maybe this first family is the realest I have seen in the White House.  No one has rocked the vote like the Obamas. No one has embraced Pop culture as well as they have. (Bill Clinton playing the sax, does not count) They know Beyoncé personally, for goodness sake.  (I just took my Beyoncé stanning too far, I know)

 I appreciate this family’s approach to living in the White House. Their life is unscripted. DC has never been so interesting to me.  Best of all they set an example for all families. No matter their race, or family dynamic. It is simple.

He loves her. She loves him. They love them. That is family, White House or not. 

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