Dear Dick Wolf……

Usually when I watch Law and Order SVU I’m sufficiently traumatized until the next episode.  Tonight’s episode of SVU was different. It was every bit of satire, and filled with the shading of Chris Brown and Rihanna. Sure they did the disclaimer as they always do, letting us know that they don’t intend to portray actual people or events, but come on. Anyone that followed the whole CB and RiRi scandal was able to see the tiniest of details. There were details that of course were completely false but led me to believe that they may have been symbolic of something else. One detail that didn’t escape anyone, Dick Wolf and NBC, is the fact that this scenario would not even have been an SVU case. Oh sure, there was the fact that Caleb may have attempted to force Micha to perform fellatio, but that was quickly swept under the carpet, never to be mentioned again. I’m sure Dick Wolf said “Why bother with details?”

I will say I laughed right along with Twitter during this episode. It was filled with bad acting and a ridiculous over the top story line. Twenty-two minutes in and the ending  was inevitable.

Good job, Dick Wolf. Chris Brown is a questionable character. His actions are usually dangerous and ridiculous. You targeted a celebrity we love to hate so maybe we could ignore all the racial stereo types throughout the episode? No pass for that. Also, was this an attempt to raise awareness for domestic violence as maybe it should have been? If so you failed.

It’s easy to criticize Rihanna. Victim blaming is the norm nowadays. Is it not as easy to recognize a pattern of abuse? For Rihanna’s sake I hope it was an isolated incident and that it never happens again.  How many of us have ignored the warning signs of domestic violence? Ignored every red flag in the name of love? Even if your partner never laid a finger on you, have you/are you ignoring verbal and mental abuse? Have you ever questioned why your mate was so controlling? Why your role is that of one of the children and not as your partner’s help mate?

Domestic Violence Awareness is not one network’s responsibility. However, if NBC and SVU was going to bring this issue to the forefront why not do it in the least negative light? By finding this episode hilarious, I’m not trivializing domestic violence. SVU/NBC’s portrayal has.

This episode may have done some good, had the show’s creators not taken the time to detail the story so well that we knew without a shadow of doubt which celebs they were targeting. Instead of getting a blue bow tie right, why not drop some statistics of domestic violence? Why not donate some advertising to the National Domestic Violence Hotline? Why not make sure that number was in the closing credits? Maybe then the message would have been clear: Domestic violence can be and is often fatal.



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