The School Assignment that Drove Me Crazy

The assignment was to take part in a Social Media Blackout exercise.  The exercise was designed to “monitor and tabulate”a brief change in what has become a “way of life”for most of us.  The guidelines were fairly simple stay off of Facebook, Twitter and any form of social media for 48 hours and record my thoughts and feelings on the matter every 8 hours. Yeah ok. Let the shenanigans begin. (Oh yeah for some reason my instructor is under the impression that texting is social media. I Goggled  it,it’s not  so I ignored that no texting nonsense because I sure as heck wasn’t talking on the phone.)

12 AM April 27th-I decided to start my media blackout now.  But this is before I decided to participate in a community function. I am generally anti social so it is good for me to be out among other people. This is the problem. It is 12 AM and we are still at the skating rink. Now that I can not Tweet or FB, I am bored and uncomfortable. The function is over but these folks do not know how to leave. To stop the urge to tweet about my discomfort my phone is off and in my purse. I felt the need to say goodbye to my Twitter followers and FB friends. Pathetic and dramatic. I know.

1:14 AM April 27th- I recorded my first thoughts on this assignment. I ought to be ashamed. I am not. I am, however sleepy and hungry. (Pig scrap hot dogs , chips and diet soda where the only things available at skating) At this point, I would usually fight sleep by tweeting. I would tweet about my hunger instead of feeding myself.  I went through my Google Play store to find a game. This activity is pointless. It is fine for me to be addicted to Twitter and FB but I dare not let an addiction to a game get out of control.  I also have semi quit smoking so at this point, I should take my irritation to sleep.

8 AM April 27th- I woke up and reached for my phone, then I remembered the media black out so I am going back to sleep . I think it is funny that I was not as diligent in charging my phone. The charger and my phone are both lost in my covers. They are not connected to each other nor is the charger even in the outlet.

11 AM April 27th- I am awake for real now. I usually would scroll through my FB news feed, and send a few witty tweets to start my day in social media shenanigans. Of course I am immediately bored.  I smell something. I look around my room. About two weeks ago, I started working on some projects. Has it been that long since I cleaned? The odor, various piles and notes, dirty dishes and mountains of clothes say it has been that long. I am reduced to sleeping on one side of my bed because of the various items occupying the other side. At this very moment I realize how problematic having only three channels is. I guess I can clean and get some writing done. I can maybe even do the grocery shopping I have been putting off all month.

4 PM April 27th- Without the usual distraction of Facebook and Twitter, my room looks as if we can forego the call to the health department. The biggest transformation was my closet. It now appears as if I have more than a too little pair of dress slacks and some shirts that I really would not be caught dead in. (These random thoughts would generally be tweeted, the irony is ridiculous because I probably would not have my room clean to tweet them.)

empty closetfull closet

I also have come to the realization that social media is not my biggest problem. My ADHD mind and the willingness to procrastinate may be the issues. Ten minutes into cleaning, I took a break to eat peanuts and watch Quest for Camelot.  The TV is usually on for noise, this movie caught my eye because the need to procrastinate is unreal.  Fortunately Camelot is a horrid musical and I go back to cleaning until the cartoon love scene, then I was distracted again.

While I was cleaning I threw away a bunch of bus schedules Which got me to thinking and worrying about how many trees are killed. Metro really should go green. My green ideas all got jotted down on another sheet of paper. One day when I am really bored, (probably within the next few hours) I will research how other cities handle bus schedules.

At some point in the 1 o’clock hour I incinerated some of my eyelashes. We do not need to talk about  how, but just for the record if I were tweeting this may not have happened.

2:15 PM April 27th- I have decided to start a photo journal. I once again acknowledge my addiction to social media. I texted one of my twitter followers ( We do not know each other in real life.) to ask him about any twitter updates.  Ray/Sheldon reports that there is nothing interesting going on.  This hour also finds me making brunch for myself. Since I have neglected to go grocery shopping, I have to settle for toasted ravioli with no marinara.

ravioliWhile I wait for those to “toast” I decide to clean out all of my coat pockets and bags. The findings were unimpressive. purse shitI found six more scarfs and vowed to stop shopping so much. scarfs

2:30PM April 27th-I have divided my attention between arguing neighbors and  a Disney movie about an underdog basketball team (Underdog only due to the fact that their coach previously coached girls and the current  team was predominately black.) I think this movie is called Glory Road. I am not sure why the neighbors are arguing. I am more intrigued by her clothing choices and his uncovered beer gut. I am also wondering why we are being treated to their version of Jerry Springer when they have an apartment to argue in.

3:30PM-4:30 PM Charging my phone so that I can venture outside. I need to get my daughter’s phone activated. Plans change and I am slightly irritated. I want to tweet about my frustrations. I found an old notebook and flipped through that for a long time. There is nothing of interest I just need to waste time. There are not any stories I eventually throw the notebook away.

5:45 PM April 27th- My boredom has me fretting about my weight and wondering why my hair looks  like a helmet. I order Pizza Hut online and wonder if  shopping is considered social media. I am still dying to tweet these thoughts but I think this assignment will make for a fantastic blog.

helmet hairHelmet Hair

6:00 PM April 27th – I am faked pissed because Pizza Hut delivered hot Pepsi. I say fake pissed because I have ice and my pizza is delicious.

6:11 PM April 27th- Bored. I installed a weed app. This has got to provide some form of entertainment. I have so many unread books to read and I have two writing contests to enter. I am not sure why I am so bored.

weed app

Kianna aka @temp4evers is tweeting me. I am getting the notifications via email. She knows about the assignment.

12:00 AM April 28th- I have downloaded every suggested app for my phone. Learning so much from some laughing hysterically at others. I hate  that I have replaced time wasting activities with even more pointless activities. For example, I just made an awesome picture mosaic screen saver for my phone. This after I trashed the other one attempting to download something. I can not find the remote so I am stuck some lame movie with Cuba Gooding Jr. in it. I have not decided rather or not I like it. I do  miss Twitter I have about 5 pages  of random notes and thoughts. A grown man is texting me and using a weird signature. He is also typing out his emotions ie; *smiling*, instead of just using a freaking emoticon like normal people. I am going to sleep. That just irritated me.

3:15 AM April 28th- I am bored. I went to bed earlier than I ever have on a weekend. Anyway I woke up with the worst heartburn or acid reflux. I tried to take something but I only have the preventative stuff.  I thought I would have problems getting back to sleep. Then I remembered I can not tweet. If my phone was not worth more than the bed I’m laying in I would throw it. I’m going back to sleep.

7:15 AM April 28th– Message from Kianna. Birthday celebration cancelled due to co parenting. I am too sleepy to care. I do want to go through my timeline and news feed and I’m hot.

3:15 PM April 28th- Car accident. Hospital and market. Surreal right now. Not able to record it minute by minute on FB and Twitter. Not even sure that I would want to but the option would be nice Micheal.

far car accidentclose car accident

accident kids

11:oo PM April 28th- An  hour left. I cannot wait til this mess is over.

12:00 AM April 29th- Fin.


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