OPEN LETTER TO THE HIRED INS-That One Time When I had a Job

My homie Kianna D. said it best; “If your name isn’t on the building you’re also a temp.”

Dear Hired Ins,

I would love to step away from my professionalism and let you know exactly how I feel with plenty of attitude, fly words, and neck popping. I would but I don’t want to jeopardize my employment with my temp agency. This assignment is just one of many and I can assure you it’s not this assignment I’m worried about.
It’s hard enough being the new kid on the block without unwarranted animosity. I don’t want to sit in your seat or use any of your equipment. I couldn’t care less about your cliques because in a week’s time I’ll forget you even existed. In my case I don’t want your job and I have no aspirations of being hired in. I’m cool as a temp. I know my place well.
I see you roll your eyes every time the temps ask a question but here’s the problem with that. Your job was taught to me in four hours’ time whereas you had up 6 weeks and a probationary period to learn the same information

Why in the hell is your attitude  so stank anyway? I think that efficiency and speed by the current employees may eliminate the need for temps. So maybe stepping up your game as a whole is in order? In my current assignment, natural disaster caused the need for temps. So maybe thank the temps for eliminating work load assisting in creating an efficient environment? Lose your attitude.

This brings me to my next point. A temp comes with certain skill sets, we are called upon to adapt them and improve upon them with each assignment. I may have no experience in your line of business but I’m able to build on my knowledge and temporarily complete a task. Those building blocks are only as strong as the training received and the management afterwards. Give me a manager that is knowledgeable, has the ability to leave office politics alone, and the desire to see the temporary assignment succeed and then you have organized and efficient temps. The “supervisor” in this particular assignment is none of the above.

We’ll be gone soon. Things will be balanced in your worlds again. Strangers won’t invade your potlucks or use all of your favorite coffee. No one will sit in your seat, or demand the attention of your work husbands and wives. Hopefully your attitudes will improve and you will treat the next round of temps a little bit better.


Disgruntled Temp


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