Several Seats To Be Had

It’s Thursday and I am tired. I was tired on Monday, but by now I want to turn my TV off, log off of all social media, and put my phone on DO NOT DISTURB. I’m fed up. 

Anyone that insists that racism is a thing of the past, and that we’re all equal, should take a long hard look at the events of this week. Have we really made progress in regards to racism, colorism, and sexism? It sure doesn’t seem like it. Where to even begin with the mess that is this week?  I’ll use my Facebook as a timeline as I’ve been posting articles as things have happened. 

 I’ll start with Paula Deen. I’m not angry with Paula, but I will not forget her actions, nor will I jump on the forgiveness band wagon. I am angry at all of the black folks so willing to side with Mrs. Deen. Seems to me, that these people are shuckin, jivin’ and Uncle Toming so hard for somebody that has, admittedly used racial slurs and is being sued for creating a hostile work environment. I also feel as if Mrs. Deen should be held to a higher standard because she is being paid millions to act like a socially conscious human being. I’m amused by the outrage displayed at the audacity of the Food Network and corporate sponsors to fire Mrs. Deen. Somehow black folks are being blamed/given credit for her demise. Whatever. Stay mad. 



 Moving on. My heart dropped on Tuesday.  “The VRA’s contentious Section 5, which forbids certain states (mostly, surprise! Southern states) from changing voting procedures without permission from a federal court or the Justice Department, remains intact—but Section 4, which determines the formula by which those states are named, does not.” I don’t even have slightly offensive commentary for this. I’m still kind of shocked. But this tweet sums it up





 DOMA was bittersweet for me. Especially this month.  Especially for myself and so many of the friends that I’ve made over the years. This victory was received with a heavy heart, because hours before, Wendy Davis became my shero. Her pro-choice filibuster had me anxiously watching the clock and Twitter. Ms. Davis STOOD for more than 10 hours without any type of break speaking on a topic that she is passionate about. Then she was told that she violated the rules. SHE violated the rules, yet THEY proceeded to vote on the matter after midnight.  LIVID does not even begin to describe how many felt.




I saved the best for last. The Zimmerman trail is like the scary movie, or train wreck that you want to know the outcome of but watching makes your palms sweaty, your heart skip a few beats and your stomach  churn. I’ve “watched” while peeking through my fingers. Everything I am as a parent hurts for Trayvon’s mother and father.  I am angry at the Zimmerman’s blatant racism and lies.  However, I hang my head in shame at the colorism, racism and hostility towards Rachel Jeantel.  I’ve seen and heard it all via Twitter.  Celebrities even got in on the act:

 Rachel Jeantel looked so irritated during the cross-examination that I burned it on DVD and I’m going to sell it as Madea goes to court via Twitter @lolojones

 The funny thing is Rachel speaks 3 languages. I know it’s been said a thousand times today, but here it goes again. Don’t condemn Paula Deen for her racist comments and attitudes and then do the same to Rachel.  I couldn’t care less if you are black. Have some respect. She lost her friend, and Trayvon’s parents lost their baby. 

 Love for Rachel: (this was everything!) 


 Then just as my anger was subsiding and I thought maybe we ALL were acting like we had a lick of sense again:

 Moscato: The Gateway Wine For People Of Color? http://n.pr/19zclCx via Twitter @nprnews

 Oh, I guess that’s the only wine us Colored folk know NPR.

And this from @Buzzfeed via Twitter

 Do you have an inner black woman? http://bzfd.it/10nZAV9 

 Yeah Buzzfeed. I do have an inner black woman. I am black…. I’ll leave this alone.

The week isn’t even over.  Give me the strength to endure.



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