Zimmerman the Superhero

Let me get this straight, the media would have us believe that George Zimmerman, murderer (admittedly so) of 17 year old Trayvon B. Martin, allegedly rescued 4 people from a traffic accident?  


This heroic feat happened on Thursday of last week; yet we the public are just hearing about it on Monday of this week. I am taken aback by the fact that many media outlets even had the gall to label this as “breaking” news. The verdict was breaking, the reporting of a natural catastrophe is breaking, and hell the birth of a new Prince is certainly more breaking than a suspicious and seemingly manufactured story of heroics. 


What troubles me is the fact that George Zimmerman who has to be one of the most detested public figures at the moment has failed or was too cowardly to make a public statement regarding the trial, (Not that we are entitled to an explanation or even want to hear anything he has to say at this point.) and has been in seclusion for what the public thought was over a week is suddenly sighted being an upstanding human being. Not only was he courageous, he was courageous about 2 miles away from where he gunned Trayvon down out of fear for his life. Gerogie certainly deserves a gold star for that right? 


Troubling further is that the media choose to break the story at all. Of course, I will continue to question the validity of it but at this point it seems as if certain media outlets are

seeking redemption for their good ol’ boy George. Report a sighting sure, however being sensationalistic in reporting a sighting, no. 


George Zimmerman could put on his cape and come save my own children from peril, and I would still give him the fiercest side eye and hold my brown son even closer. I refuse to get caught up in the rapture of Zimmerman the Superhero. So what, that besides being a cold blooded killer he happened upon an accident and saved a family?  Most of us would, however most of us would not kill a teenager. I am over Zimmerman. I couldn’t care less if he is ever spotted again, unless it’s of course being escorted in prison orange to prison or to … hell.  


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