Confessions of a Serial Procrastinator; Weight Loss Edition- Day 4

Three miles today! It felt so good. I reconnected with a high school friend, the lovely Tiffany S. As it turns out we have the same long term goal, and just over a year to accomplish it. I am so excited.  I think Tiffany Is going to push me towards my goal. She is so inspiring. Two years ago she was a transplant patient! There are no excuses.  Tomorrow may be the day I take flight! ☺

Speaking of inspiration, it is coming in all forms for me.  A few days ago there was a woman on G+ that mentioned that she was 515 pounds a few years ago.  Incredible.  I decided to start these entries as an outlet. Just in 4 days the support I’ve received is amazing.  Every encouraging word helps.  I’m receptive to any advice and any form of positivity.  In the meantime, if I can inspire somebody and/or raise awareness for my journeys (mental health and weight loss) it is even more inspiration and motivation for me.

I’m still deciding what diet or lifestyle change will work for me.  To reach my goal I will need to be more than diligent for a year. What happens after that year and after I’m down to my goal weight? I have been giving that some thoughtful consideration.

It’s September so I definitely would like to have a game plan in place for the holidays.  Turkey and fattening sides will not be my downfall.  There will be no cheat days. Ultimately a cheat day has always been the end of my diets.  Moderation verses deprivation is the key.

While I’m trying to figure it out, I’ve been attempting to incorporate new things into my diet.  I have a very limited palette. It may not look like it but I am a very picky eater. I never outgrew that. My pickiness does not mean that I should be thinner. It means that I eat the same unhealthy food over and over. Oh yeah and I eat lots and lots of it.

This morning I tried a banana. Yes I said tried.  I don’t remember ever eating a banana and if I did it was years ago. Bananas happen to be one of the things I won’t eat because of the texture.  The first bite had me wanting to puke. I held that bite tucked in my cheek until I remembered that I am an adult and no one can scold me for spitting crap out in the garbage.(I try not to react in front of my kids because I want them to continue to eat better than me)  Bananas are the devil it’s not up for debate.

Yesterday we had low fat Mexican dip instead of the tacos we usually have. My thoughts were portion control and extra protein from the beans.  My son didn’t like it. I asked him why. Apparently he was unappreciative because he spent more than his allotted time on the toilet. For me it was very much a potluck food and not something I want to eat at home.

Tonight’s dinner was white chili. This is another something my kid (who loves chili) did not enjoy. Tomorrow we’ll try salmon.  Bleh! I mean, YAY!


By the way it is also day 4 of new meds. Mentally I had an okay day. It wasn’t that bad but after my walk I kind of had the blues. I didn’t have any over the top emotions so I’ll still count today as a win.

Well until tomorrow…


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