Confessions of a Serial Procrastinator; Awareness

Kelly Thomas begged for his father as he lost consciousness after being violently beaten by police officers. A jury found 2 police officers not guilty of murder. It was reported that the officers provoked the mentally ill man and then proceeded to beat him.




Keith Vidal was 18 years old when he died. He was shot by law enforcement when they were called to assist in restraining Keith during a schizophrenic episode. He was being restrained by 2 officers when a 3rd officer shot him.



Thamsanqa Jantjie reportedly had a schizophrenic episode within feet of world leaders, such as President Obama at Nelson Mandela’s memorial service. The discovery was made after it was revealed that Thamsanqa was signing nonsense. He had been hired as a sign language interpreter.



Teleka Patrick has been missing since December 5th, 2013.  It has been reported that she stalked a famous gospel singer prior to her disappearance. Teleka’s ex husband stated that the relationship unraveled when Teleka became delusional, paranoid, and began hearing voices.



Aaron Alexis killed 12 people during an attack on a Navy Yard. It was reported that Aaron was under “the delusional belief that he was being controlled or influenced by extremely low electromagnetic waves.”



Miriam Carey led police on a high speed chase after attempting to breach security at the White House gates. Miriam was killed during the altercation. It was reported that she suffered from post partum depression.



These people’s stories are heartbreaking. I actually cried when I read about Kelly Thomas. I don’t want to lose my life or take my life because of mental illness. I don’t want to keep reading these stories.

Do you need help? Does someone in your family need help? How long will you ignore the signs in yourself or your loved ones of mental illness? Will you continue to let the stigmatisms surrounding mental illness allow you to hesitate?

Here is another challenge for 2014. Another plea for people to be honest with themselves about their mental health, to let go of stigmatisms and urge family members and close friends to get the help they need.


Here are some resources:

Break Yo Stigma on Facebook and Instagram






In Summit County, Akron Ohio

Child Guidance and Family Solutions 330-762-0591

Clinic of Individual and Family Counseling 330-972-6822

Emerge Ministries 330-867-5603

Greenleaf Family Center 330-376-9494

Mental Health America of Summit County 330-923-0688

North East Ohio Behavioral Health 330-945-7100

Portage Path Behavioral Health 330-253-3100

Summit Psychological Associates Inc. 330-535-8181

Please feel free to share these resources and add relevant resources for your city or state in the comments.


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