The Shade Report~Scandal Night

Watching Scandal without Twitter Family Time is like being on punishment. Who else is going to understand my life when Mellie calls Liv a whore once again? Only Twitter folk will understand how I teeter on being absolutely appalled to gleefully amused from one minute until the next. I cannot believe that Olivia hasn’t smacked the taste up out of Mellie’s mouth or that she has not found some other high powered unattached vanilla penis…..

How many more outraged blogs will there be concerning Olivia Pope and her immoral ways?  I will scream if one more person wastes internet talking about how Olivia is giving Brown women a bad name or giving side chicks hope. No just no!

Y’all want to complain about the image of black women that Scandal is portraying when Shonda is showing us all kinds of white privilege and devilment? They kill folks and carry on as if it’s okay because the Devil lives in all of us and sometimes he just tell us when we have to act out. Normal…

Y’all worried about Liv giving it up to a man that tells Papa Pope what she tastes like when Cyrus is Sodom and Gomorrah himself? Huck is running around like a rabid dog and ya’ll worried about who a fictional character and how the fiction is effecting real life. There are a billion white people acting all kinds of unbiblical and foolish on Scandal and Liv is the problem? Oh.  *pulls out feminist/anti-racism soap box* I won’t but know the side eye is at its severest.

  I knew last night’s episode was a heart attack that I didn’t need to have.  It just started out all kinds of disturbing. The prayer chain for these hooligans needed to start at 10:01 PM EST because dammit…

            Are we going to keep pretending as if Sally spouting fire and brimstone like a street corner reverend is normal? Shonda, how much longer will you have us believing that a 72 hour hold is not in order? The whole Jake and Quinn relationship is odd to me. Shouldn’t he be trying to stab her in her eye? I tend to forget who knows what about whom. The biggest thing flooring me about last night’s episode is everyone’s desire to be fed up enough to leave Sally hanging.

True enough Sally is a bitch, but now Olivia doesn’t want to gladiate this problem away? Liv that is your job!!!  Olivia is trying to hold her head up and be an upstanding citizen and her melanin challenged friends won’t let her. Cyrus wants to be repentant. Fitz is way too dumb and naive to be ruling his household let alone a country. Jake is just salty because Olivia only wants pretense love and affection from him. Just when I thought Sally was finally about to go down blazing… they all pull together to cover up yet another SCANDAL.

So who did Jake shoot? 

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