The Shade Report- Catty Women, HBCUs, and Our Little Sister Solange

In the past couple of weeks I’ve learned that the phrases “Oh”, “Okay”, and “I apologize.” are really my version of “**** you, B****.” Not all the time but in the context in which I’m referring, yeah…..


Nothing grinds my gears more than a group of women that feel as if they’re better than somebody for whatever reason. Don’t get me wrong you’re supposed to be proud of your accomplishments but to use those accomplishments to belittle someone else? Nah, Son.

Don’t be the cast of Mean Girls because you FEEL as if someone isn’t on your level or because the shit you fan girl for isn’t their cup of tea. Child, get your whole entire grown woman life.

Which leads me to a ridiculous conversation on Twitter. I take that back the conversation wasn’t ridiculous the direction it took on my TL was ridiculous.

In the words of Hart; “I don’t give 5 ***** and a blueberry muffin” end quote, where you went to school or even that you went to school. As long as you have at least a HS diploma and you can hold an intelligent conversation. An heir of superiority because you went to an HBCU is so unnecessary. Making somebody feel like shit because they went to a PWI , hell the acronym PWI is ridiculous and unnecessary.

Image HBCUs are important and they matter because they are a part of Black history. Will I encourage my college bound child to attend? Probably not, because I’m not raising a jackass.


I love you intellectuals. I really do but everything doesn’t require a think piece or a long drawn out conversation via social media.


Solange went ham on her brother in law and we loved her for it and it was funny as hell. Do we need to talk about the image of Black women or domestic violence?  I mean if you must but I sure as hell am not here for it. AND here’s why;

I am the oldest of 5 sisters and 3 brothers. My sisters have children and have been in long term relationships/marriages to go half on those babies so I consider those partners as brothers as well.

I would be lying if I said that there have not been times when I wanted to whoop off in one or more of my sibling’s asses. There have also  been times when I got into it with my siblings partners totally independent of my sibling.

Guise, siblings fight all the time. Newsflash, Jay and Solange are humans so yeah I’d imagine they fight too. Save your pieces of loose leaf paper for something else. AND by all means feel free to stop emasculating Jay, demonizing Solange, and using domestic violence for your platforms to use big ass words.

It’s hot, my allergies are actin a fool, and I’m pretty sure my ears are infected. Please don’t work my nerves. I’ll be over here napping.


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