Erasure, Misappropriation, and Running Thangs


Erasure and misappropriation is a tough pill to swallow anyway, even more so when Forbes decides that “Hip Hop Is Run By A White, Blonde, Australian Woman”

I don’t know what Forbes attempt was but I want them to never attempt to crown people in Hip Hop again especially when the crown they are offering up isn’t theirs to offer and the recipient clearly isn’t running anything other than a cross over position from the pop charts.

The clap back for Forbes was as real as it should have been. Think pieces and responses galore because if you weren’t appalled…..

I was trying to leave it alone because as usual y’all have thoroughly read Forbes for filth but then I posted a blog penned by Olivia Cole entitled Dear Forbes: This Is Why Iggy Azalea Doesn’t ‘Run’ Hip-Hop.

Cole was basically letting Forbes know that we weren’t having their misappropriation.

Yes, making a name for yourself in hip-hop as a woman is laudable. But lauding Iggy Azalea here is ludicrous. The author seems not to understand the fact that it is precisely because Iggy Azalea is white and blonde that she has “made a name for herself” in hip-hop. White privilege has successfully floated her to the top of a genre where black women have fought for decades to be represented: her presence (and success) in hip-hop isn’t a shining beacon for feminism, but for the power of whiteness and what it can accomplish.

I was still leaving it alone until I received some feedback about the post. I never expect everyone to agree with everything I post but I was shocked to see a WOC essentially defend Forbes, even going so far as to imply racism in Cole’s piece. Take a look;

I read this article & I 100% disagree with the author. Its sad that “authors” have to throw around insults just to prove a point.

I felt all throughout the article, the author was throwing around insults. Instead of trying to prove Iggy doesn’t “run hip-hop” the author just said a lot of negative stuff about her & just made himself/herself look like a hater. Anybody can “run hip-hop” so to make this about race is just ignorant cause music doesn’t belong to any specific race or country. Iggy is popular and I think she will go far in the music industry. The author seemed very demeaning & racist too throughout the article.

Iggy isn’t necessarily “running hip-hop” but she’s definitely making a impact in the industry. I think the author is wrong for completely dismissing Iggy cause she’s “tall,beautiful and slim” and it seems racist to say that a white person can’t make a impact in hip-hop cause their white & not black. I think the author just overreacted. Completely dismissing a white female rapper & then telling people to go check out some black female rappers instead seems kind of racist and just makes the female author look like another hater.

My eye twitched ever so slightly. Child, while your opinion matters please have every last single seat available. I just…. Man, listen I had to reel in my temper especially when I saw her follower count, lack of posts regarding anything of relevance, and evidenced fandom of Lady Gaga.

Iggy “running hip hop” is very much about the misappropriation of Black culture by white people and white privilege allowing the theft and erasure to ride. Other races can emulate but HIP HOP very much belongs to BLACK people. To say that a White woman is running it is an insult to Black people being as they pioneered rap and the Hip Hop subculture.

No one should be directly insulted by the words of praise someone uses when writing about them. It is very hard to feel sorry for the likes of Iggy when saying that she is running Hip Hop is a slap in the face or for Macklemore when White people insist on comparing him to MLK and giving him awards in a genre over considerably better rappers.

Speaking of considerably better rappers there are at least 5 female rappers that I can think of casually, that have a far better flow than Iggy can ever dream of having.  Why aren’t they labeled as “running Hip Hop”?

Please don’t come on my posts acting as if race shouldn’t matter when the erasure of Black America is very much real and alive.

Oh, Forbes knew they were dead ass wrong.

UPDATE: The title of this article has been changed from its original version — “Hip Hop Is Run By A White, Blonde, Australian Woman” — because it did not accurately reflect the content of the piece. The author offers sincere apologies to anyone who was offended by it.



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