Honoring the King: My Night with Who’s Bad

My fandom for Michael was Stan status before there was even a word for it.  He was my first celebrity crush. My need to meet him was so strong I dreamt of him so many times.
If I couldn’t be his girlfriend I often wondered what having a platonic mutual love with him would be like.

My most cherished possession was a note book Michael was on the cover in a baby yellow sweater. He was “Bae.” I had the Jerri Curl, and I possibly owned the Thriller jacket but I loved that note book.

Google Images

Google Images

I can’t even begin to describe the emotions his music and then his death evoked over the years. Well, I couldn’t until I heard the first few chords of Human Nature the other night. Who’s Bad was bringing every ounce of energy they could for the King of Pop and Baby, listen!
The footage of fans crying, screaming, fainting all at the sight of MJ? Those emotions are real!  I was so caught up in awesomeness of it all, Who’s Bad made a song cry for me. I’ll admit I let a few tears fall.

Who's Bad

Who’s Bad

I thought about all of the times I floated away on my cloud of daydreams imagining Michael. Listening to his music I knew that he was writing ballads for me. A stretch, I know.

Who’s Bad took me back to a time when all of my childhood memories weren’t craptastic. Set after set, I didn’t care who saw me I sang I danced. I screamed as if MJ was here again. Yeah, Who’s Bad went that hard.
Never has a tribute band been this on point with every dance step and every note. It took a minute for me to even realize that there were 2 lead singers. Joseph Bell and Tallib York are dynamic!  The dancers brought so much energy it was ridiculous.  The band was one of the best I’ve ever heard. The sax player, Aaron McCoy Jr. has a special place in my heart. ( I think I’m in love.)

Aaron McCoy Jr.

Aaron McCoy Jr.

I could be biased because Michael was my first boyfriend in my mind or these performers could be putting their all into honoring a legend. Trust me it’s the ladder.


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