My Truths About Mental Illness

My Truths About Mental Illness


I don’t ever remember a time when I’ve felt normal. Not even as a young child.

I suffer from Bi Polar disorder with some other underlying issues.

I think about suicide often.

I suffer from stress induced hives, rashes, and headaches, sometimes daily.

I spend hours and even days in bed at times.

I’m a great actor. Unless you live with me or spend a lot of time with me, I can fool you into believing I’m well.

My children have learned to adapt to my mood swings and bad days.

My personal relationships have suffered because of mental illness.

Sometimes I’m med compliant most of the time I’m not.

I identify with the “crazy” people on the street because I know I’m no better I just haven’t given up the fight.

The fight for sanity is exhsusting.

I take every suicide I hear about personally because I could be next.

I advocate for mental health because I’m tired of the stigmatisms. I’m especially tired of the Black community praying everything away.

Being honest, candid, and having no shame  about my mental illness has helped me cope and saved my life.

Tell me your truths. No shame. No judgement. Let’s figure it out. 


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