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Punishment, Outrage, and Ridiculous People


Check it. I wanted to leave the Ray Rice incident alone. I really  did. Without a doubt it bothered me especially the victim blaming and lack of empathy for Janay Rice. “Why did she marry him then!?” We could go on for days about why she married him. Twitter took care of that with #WhyIStayed.

I never thought that a 2 game suspension was enough. Whatever happened in that elevator had to worth more than a slap on the wrist and the loss of a paycheck.

TMZ, always right on time with the shade yet surprisingly becoming a credible news source broke the story. We finally got to see what really happened on the elevator. As usual Twitter made me proud. You had to be living under a rock to not know about the new video. The tweets came like rapid fire.

Sure there were plenty defending Rice and discounting Janay as a victim but a few hours later he was terminated. A think piece from me was unnecessary, plus there were more pressing things for me to be outraged about.

For awhile, I continued to ignore the ignoramuses remiss about a brutal display of domestic violence. I wondered what folks thought qualified as domestic violence and worried about some people’s spouses but I swore I was going to leave it alone. Until….

I picked up a copy of The Reporter. (9/20-9/27 Akron, Ohio) I was interested in the front page article about Ferguson which I read and then discarded.

Pinterest told me I needed newspaper for that day’s fail. Earlier when I said discarded I meant I threw the paper on a pile of books and stray notes so I grabbed it. My attention span is nil so I was soon reading the articles instead of cutting strips for my craft.

I read the headline 5 times. Surely I was seeing things. NFL Threw Ray Rice Under The Bus. I thought the same paper that wrote damn near a book on the injustices in Ferguson wouldn’t publish a piece that by title alone appeared sympathetic to Ray not Janay Rice. Nope. It had to be sarcasm.

I read on. My blood began to slowly boil and my eye did that twitchy thing it does. Raynard Jackson started his article with a timeline of events. Mostly facts. Then my eye began to jump in earnest.

Maybe we (normal folks that know the difference between right and hell no) were wrong to think that a 2 game suspension a loss of an estimated 530,000 was too lenient.

“Rice should have been punished not because of the video but because of the act itself.” Wait….the video showed the act itself so therefore Rice was punished further. Is that not the way things go? I missed something?

More of my favorite quotes:

“Now that everyone has seen the graphic video of the actual event, people have all of a sudden become filled with phony righteous indignation.”

“Where was the outrage before the release of this video? Where is the outrage from these athletes and entertainers about the precious Black children being killed in Chicago?”

If the above nonsense wasn’t enough, Raynard found a way to drag Beyonce and Hip Hop into the bs and y’all know how I feel about Bey.

It sickens Mr.Jackson that we are kicking dirt in Rice’s face because he is a good person that made a “terribly horrible mistake” Oh. I wasn’t aware that Jackson knew Rice. He certainly never mentioned it while telling us how the NFL crucified Rice.

Did y’all know that punching your wife out cold on an elevator and then dragging her unconscious body around wasn’t a crime? According to Jackson, “Rice is not guilty of breaking any laws.” Domestic violence isn’t…. You know what? Never damn mind.

“….Rice was retroactively given a death sentence.”  In the words of Luvvie, I am unable to can.

This blog was brought to you by an urge to write a strongly worded letter to The Reporter after my dissatisfaction with cursing Raynard on Twitter. Please carry on.


2 thoughts on “Punishment, Outrage, and Ridiculous People

  1. Is it okay for me to say that Raynard Jackson is a confused, dumbed-downed, and lost fool who can have all the seats in the entire stadium? Oh yeah, and on top of that he can kick damn rocks!

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