Dick Wolf Strikes Again

The episode was going to be bad. In February of 2013, Dick Wolf showed us all that he was devoid of chill when he ripped the Chris Brown and Rihanna story from the headlines. From the beginning the episode was a train wreck. It was full of stereotypical behavior, and bad, no horrible acting. I didn’t know rather the episode was supposed to bring awareness to domestic violence or shade Chris and RiRi.

I knew from previous experience that last night’s episode of Law & Order SVU was going to piss me off. Yet, I tuned in anyway.

I was appalled before the credits were even over and before the first commercial break. Did he… Yes, he did. There was an elevator scene but it wasn’t the one that I expected. Once more the Carters were dragged into the shenanigans. Other than the race of the actors, the scene was exactly the same. I swear they hate the Carters.

Wolf also must have learned from last year’s fiasco. Unlike the CB and RiRi episode where the case would have NEVER been handled by SVU, Wolf was sure to let us know right away why the case belonged to Olivia and them. He also used seasoned actors this time. I guess this was a good thing. bad acting couldn’t distract from the story line.

From the previews, I initially thought that Wolf was going to cover the Rice story. Poorly. Oh, Rice was definitely shaded along with a few other folks. What Wolf did was take a little bit of bs from all of the headlines and mashed them together for a big wallop of ratchet.

This headline from Gawker nailed it;

Law & Order: SVU Mashes Up Solange, Ray Rice, and Donald Sterling

Never fear Wolf used all of the same elements that make for a “good” story line;

High profile Black athlete. Check.
Scandal. Check.
Cover up of scandal. Check.
Stereotypical behavior. Check.

At about the half hour mark I was confused. Which is acceptable because I’m pissed by then as well. Carla is terrified enough to attack her rapist in the elevator but then she schedules a private meeting with her assailant?

I didn’t even care about the rest of the episode when one thing became glaringly clear…


Any time Wolf “rips” something from the headlines that may or may not involve Black people, he is sure to pack every bit of racist bull that he can into that hour. Some quotes…

“….a gold digger, a Black girl.” (Then her name was Tianna. I was done then.)

“….the Black one.”

“….I went to a hotel room with a Black athlete.”

“….that Black girl.” (Twice in 30 seconds!)

“….that girl didn’t even graduate, and I made her a store manager.” (Last I checked Tianna was a grown ass woman but whatevs.)

Then there were the stereotypes. Tianna comes into court full of sass and inappropriately dressed. We soon find out that she did not receive the same amount of hush money as her white counterparts and Tianna is fed up!

With 7 minutes left in the show Tianna is referred to as “that Black girl” again. We then find out that Old Man Orion hates women as much as he hates the Blacks as he begins to berate his daughter. She is sleeping with our Black star athlete.

“….better be glad you didn’t get the AIDS.” (So wait, all Black people have “the AIDS?)

Oh… and there you have it because the show couldn’t end without it, Black people are compared to animals.


I sat in utter shock for 10 minutes. Dick Wolf strikes again and NBC was so cool with it.


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