Natural Hair Mishaps and Product Reviews

Ceramide- waxy lipid molecules composed of sphingosine and a fatty acid.

    I’ll get to why ceramides are important as well as why I’m grudgingly writing a product review momentarily.
    I guess I was going through mid thirties crises when  I decided that my hair should be purple. It wasn’t “radical” enough that I was unapologetically flaunting my fro. I never thought about the fact that when I do have a job it is usually in an office setting. My hair was going to be purple!
    Seemed simple enough. Bring the color up with bleach apply the purple. Mind you I had not used chemicals or even straightened my hair in about 18 months. I applied the bleach and waited. As my hair lightened I felt my heart trying to beat out of my chest. What in the hell was I doing!?!?
    I was sweating. I fingered my curls as the cuticles started to open from the chemical. My hair felt horrible. I wouldn’t cry because my sister and daughter would laugh and there would be a chorus of “I told you sos.”
    I was sick. My hair was light brown almost blonde. I couldn’t go through with the rest of the process. I convinced myself that I liked the blondish brown and quickly rinsed the bleach out. A deep conditioning later the curls looked and felt all right. I could deal with the awful color as long as my curls and fro were still in tact.

    There was no saving my now bleached hair. My fro wouldn’t fro right and it started to break off. Still fighting tears I decided that the only thing left to do was to put the purple on top of it. Big mistake.
    Now, the color of my hair didn’t bother me because it was reminiscent of my mother and the 90’s I wanted to bawl because the color was just weird. My daughter stood in the doorway of the bathroom flipping her straightened natural HEALTHY hair. She didn’t even try to hide the fact that she was amused.
    A week later I tried to fix that color by putting more purple on top of the bad purple. My hair looked like used Chore Boy. My crown was ruined!
    My natural hair journey had been hard but I was rewarded with a luxurious fro that I had ungratefully ruined. I thought about how I’d watched one natural hair vlogger cry because her transition didn’t go well. She started relaxing again to restore her hair. I cried with her. Not because she went back to a relaxer but because there are so many emotions and self esteem involved in everybody’s natural hair journey. It’s hard when things don’t go as planned.
    It was a bit different for me. I could never get my hair to fully relax anyway so I just stopped.  My hair couldn’t take much more damage. I already knew what my hair would look like. There would be no surprises when it came to texture. One of the only things I feared was the big chop. I’m not sure why as I had been notorious for chopping my hair off in the past.  Faced with the need for a big chop just worked up so much negativity. I was attached to this damaged crown.
    Resigned, I spent time looking for short cuts on Pinterest. Then there was a solution! Crochet braids were making a come back! A protective style was a perfect solution.
Three months passed….
    Now we’re at the point in this blog why I’m grudgingly writing this review and how ceramides are the bee’s knees.
    A few days ago one of my favorite Tweeters tweeted that Carol’s Daughter was bought out by L’oreal. I felt betrayed. Carol’s Daughter was my first natural hair product crush. What did L’Oreal know about natural Black hair? Carol’s would be ruined by commercialism and a meddlesome brand. CD was dead to me. A sell out!
    Meanwhile, I’m debating on rather or not I should attempt a big chop with the kitchen scissors. The color of my hair was driving me crazy. It is the color of  what I imagine Cherry Coke and cotton candy looks like digesting in my stomach. Did I mention it looked AND felt like Chore Boy?


    With the kitchen scissors still calling my name in the hours of the night when my impulsivity peaks, JLo flashed across my TV all fine and not singing. She is the spokesperson for L’oreal Total Repair 5 line for damaged overworked hair. I stepped away from the scissors.
    I spent the last of my precious dollars to buy these products. I mean fixing my hair is worth me being broke right? And one of the conditioners claimed “repairs up to 1 year of damage in 1 use”  That had to mean something. I couldn’t do anything but hope.


    I felt the shampoo working as soon as I saturated my hair. I rinsed and my curls looked as promising as they had looked since April. I applied the conditioner, put a shower cap on, and wrapped my hair in a towel. I waited an hour and rinsed. My heart soared. My hair! The curls! The fro!
    One more product to use. The one that claimed to repair up to 1 year of damage in 1 use. I applied it working it from my roots all the way down to the damaged ends. The container advised to leave it in for 3-5 minutes and rinse. Child please. My hair and this “Damage -Erasing Balm” were about to have an all night affair. This time I put my hair in a bun before I put on a shower cap and then my satin hair bonnet.


    I try to be loyal to Black brands that produce products for Black hair, but listen! L’oreal is legit. These products are the best I’ve used for black or white hair.
    I spent 7 months hating the hair that I’d so painstakingly nurtured then ruined in a couple of fateful weeks. After a dark hair rinse and the use of L’oreal Total Repair 5 my hair is damn near back to normal after one night.
    I’m actually excited to see what L’oreal has in store for Carol’s Daughter. I honestly think great things will happen with the line and maybe we’ll finally see CD on store shelves. Target perhaps?

Crossing my fingers.



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