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Goodbye to 2015 (and good riddance)

Notebook GoddessI just want to take the time to thank my readers for their patience and continued support. This year has been a hard 1 and I’m not at all sad to see it go.  There was an incident that knocked the wind out of me and it has been hard to function let alone write. (July 2015)

I have a plan for this blog in 2016 and I hope that you all stay around to see the exciting changes.  But in the meantime check out some of my guest spots and be sure to check out my titles available on Amazon.

Russell Simmons’ RushCard Leaves Vulnerable Flat Broke featured on Arsenal for Democracy

The Journey to Self Love by Heather Renee featured on The She Chronicles by Nikki Skies

1 in 68 The Moment Your Child Becomes That 1 featured on Autism Central

I Am A Writer featured on the #IAmSubject Project by Diane DeBella

Again many thanks and I’ll see you all on Jan 1st.




Starving Artist Fund



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