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The Email…

I was pretty much done for the day. I sent my article to my editor and headed out. The thought of having sex with a stranger gave me an unexpected rush.

I wanted to be perfect for him.  First stop was the spa and salon. I received a facial, a touch up on my locs, eyebrow wax, Brazilian, and a mani/pedi. I liked what I saw in the mirror until I looked down at my Bob Marley t-shirt and yoga pants. I have my own corner office somebody really should make me dress better.  My stylist Shelly chuckled and handed me a card for a boutique.

“She has a wonderful line of lingerie and lounge wear. She’s also located next to a gourmet grocer.” She winked and shooed me away. I went and was very impressed by her selection. I didn’t have time to shop, but I did place an order for several of the items I fell in love with to be sent to my apartment. At the market I grabbed wine, fruits, cheese and crackers. I had to get home so I could bathe before my date arrived.

Once again I was staring at myself in the mirror.  My skin glowed from the earlier facial. I added kohl liner to my eyes and was generous with my blackest black mascara. The effect was starling.  Red lips gave me a sultry look that I would never dare wear out of my house. The black button up pajama shirt was cut to expose the high mounds and cleavage of my breast.  The boy shorts hugged my thighs and accented the cuff of my ass. I was sexy, but I wanted to be over the edge. I removed my socks and slipped into some 7 inch Red Bottoms I had stored away for special occasions.

While I was bathing and getting dressed I had been sipping wine. I refused to let nerves ruin this moment. I downed my glass when I heard the intercom. He was here and I was ready. There was no small talk, no introductions.  I opened the door and I heard him swear under his breath. His picture had not done him justice. He wasn’t handsome he was fine! I didn’t have time to fully enjoy the specimen before me as he stepped in and embraced me.

He rested his hands on my ass and then cupped the cheeks. He groaned and rubbed his erection against the meeting at my thighs. I could have skipped the market. He was not interested in food. He was there to feast on me. He told me he had fantasized about the author of that story for weeks. Yes, the story had given him an erection but he wanted the creator.  The movie I had cued and the wine I had chilling would go to waste as we headed straight into my bedroom.

“Leave your shoes on and bend over for me, Beautiful.”  Awkward moments passed as he just stood and stared at my tooted up ass before he approached and pushed my shorts down. He played with my clit to test my wetness and directed me to lie on the bed.

What happened next took my breath away.  He promised that he would make me squirt and he set out to do it. First, his tongue staged an assault on my pussy that had me gripping and tearing at the bed sheets. The orgasm induced moisture was sufficient but he wasn’t satisfied. He sucked the cum from my clit and pussy causing my legs to shake in response. The more nut I produced the harder he sucked. I was screaming by then.

I couldn’t take it I had to tap out. He stopped but he was not finished. He allowed a few moments for self-composure and then continued with the next round….

Read my complete collection of erotic shorts here.


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