Writing Rebelliously

I sent Michelle 3 chapters from my MS Stoner Cafe. I put this project down for awhile because I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do with it. I want to thank her for her taking the time out to read and critique it and for her honesty. Check out her blog writers you won’t regret it. She’s inspired me in more ways than she realizes.

ML Keller- The Manuscript Shredder


This week’s shredding was an absolute mess. Three chapters with no transitions, no actual scenes. It was written in a stream of consciousness memoir style. The narrator blipped in and out of awareness in glimpses of memories. Pieces that had only a loose chronological organization. Then it moved to another character and recounted his backstory in the exact same fashion. It was less like a novel and more like two people sitting at the kitchen table taking about a book they had read.

It was a mess, a beautiful, open, honest, raw and bleeding mess. I loved it.

As I got to the end of the partial, I realized the overall structure of the book was a Joy Luck Club set in a small town diner owned and operated by recovering addicts. Each chapter of the book was dedicated to one of the people working in the diner, telling their…

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