Dating, Courting, and Slowing Things Down

After the past couple of weeks that I’ve had, I think I need to share this again.

She Writes

When did we let dating get so difficult or become lax in our expectations of what dating should be? Am I mistaken in thinking that the older we get, the harder it is to date? I asked an older friend for some insight and although humorous, what she had to say blew my mind.

“It’s so hard for ya’ll young people today, because you don’t have the same values. We believed in and got married like we had some sense. By the time I was your age I had been married to my husband for about eighteen years. Don’t look at me like that Child. I said eighteen. He wasn’t worth a sack of shit, but that was my husband and I wasn’t worried about still being single at 33.”

I asked my friend what she thought had changed. I was positive that she would blame society for the changes…

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