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Keshia Knight Pulliam and The Donald(From The Crates)

I think that Donald Trump is the scum of the earth. His racist comments are enough to appall any socially conscious person. So why tune into Celebrity Apprentice? To be honest, I only have 5 channels, I saw Kenya Moore and Vivica Fox and thought; “This should be a good one.” I also hoped for something a la Jerry Springer from those too.  I stayed tuned in after I noticed that Keshia Knight Pulliam was in the competition.

Keshia represents a little childhood nostalgia for me. She was little Rudy Huxtable. Anytime I see any of the Huxtable kids in something these days I get excited. I get a kick out of seeing them as adults doing adult things.  I wanted to cheer Keshia on.

Of course there are the obvious reasons the most glaring Bill Cosby’s current controversy and Keshia’s thoughts. I want one of the T.V.  Cosby kids to speak out on the matter. It would nice to see them standing up for the victims but I won’t hold my breath. (It didn’t occur to me that the show was taped before the controversy.)

I’m irritated 24 hours later about last night’s apprentice. I take that back I’m not irritated by the show. I’m irritated by how the media tried to spin the outcome. Keshia was fired because she didn’t call Cosby for donations. Really? That was the only reason?  From someone that actually bothered to watch the show….

Keshia got fired because she was incompetent as project manager. I doubt very seriously that her dismissal had anything to do with the current Cosby controversy. She rode the Rudy Huxtable train to the wrong reality show.

She failed to give the other ladies jobs that played up to their strengths. Kate Gosselin has 8 kids. I would have probably listened to anything she had to say about the kitchen. Kenya is a jackass for sure but business and branding wise how can anything she has to say be ignored? Leeza should have been in charge of something major too. In my opinion Leeza or Kenya should have been the project manager.

I was proud of Keisha for putting herself out there until she vied, got the position of product manager and then showed a lack of leadership skills right from jump. (I saw straight through the fake humbleness when Vivica suggested that she take the initiative too by the way.)

The biggest mistake that the women’s team made last night, besides letting Keisha run the project, was sparing feelings and not addressing the elephant in the room. That elephant being the ranking of celebrity relevance at the time of taping. I’m sure that it would have been a blow to someone’s pride yet an effective way to choose a project manager in what was ultimately a popularity contest.

Kenya brought up the matter of calling Cosby because it was logical. She kept bringing it up because she is shady. However, Kenya wouldn’t have had a chance to bask in that epic shade had Keisha said at the very beginning that her and Bill’s relationship wasn’t what we all assume it to be. Instead Keisha led us to believe that she had so many other options.

The bottom line is Keisha went big. She failed. She had to go home.


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