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Igniting Young Kings 


“In a world that so often pushes back against change and the rebellious nature of dreamers, you must get comfortable with being uncomfortable.” Unstoppable ~Brian Heat

I met Brian Heat at the Black Male Summit Reception Dinner, among men such as community leader Bernard I. Rosen and Marc Morial CEO and President of the National Urban League. Heat’s demeanor and dress that night told me that in that moment he belonged there but from the tattoos I could see and his down to earth attitude, I could tell Brian had something in store for Akron. 

I got the “Yo, this dude is dope” stamp of approval and I was intrigued enough to want to document Brian’s day at the Black Male Summit. I purposely didn’t do my due diligence in finding out who he was, wanting to walk into his lecture blind with no preconceived notions. I was interested to see how a group of high school boys would receive a motivational speaker at 9 am on a Friday at the High School Summit. I found out the next morning. 

Gone were the suit and tie from the night before, Brian Heat came to rock in ripped jeans and a leather motorcycle jacket. At 8 am he was already full of energy. While the rest of the adults in the room hunted for coffee, Heat helped iron out AV issues, played some Hip Hop from his playlist and worked the room. 
Then I witnessed something that I can honestly say I haven’t seen outside of church especially in a group of teenagers early on a school day…

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